Friday, 10 April 2015

Well that was a relief (for Blues fans)

Its hard being a passionate Blues fan.
Win, and we are all excited, all engaged and we are all aboard the Blues ship.
Lose, and there is a sense of "told you so" about Aucklander's, who have not tasted genuine victory in sometime in Super Rugby championships. Some may not have been there for the good times, so we are quite callous in judging a losing side, and boy are we good at giving you grief when you are a declared Blues fan.

I'm one of those. I write a little, a help admin a Facebook page, Twitter page and have a blog where I can broadcast my views, show my passion and 'crow about it' when we are winning.
On the other hand, I have had to endure the comments from friends and family about my team for years - especially this season. We were 0/7, looking at the worst cycle of losses in the franchise history, all depending on last nights result.
If they had not won, I would have quietly pulled down the flag, taken off the shirt and hoped to not receive text or messages on social media. The beat-up would have been tough, but you stay loyal and stay quiet (I say)
No arguments, because when you lose you show some grace. No "mouthing off at the opposition" and no calls for anyone to be sacked. Thats my logic anyway.
So to get a win, it was good for the soul.

An old saying is "when Auckland is winning, New Zealand rugby is winning" but it is not a saying that we get to use that often. Our All Black's team is so much better now. Our game in this country is so much stronger now, that we don't trust that creedo as much as we did in the 80's.
So a win was shear relief to us fans, for the players and administrators of the franchise. That was all it was.
A first win sure does taste good, but lets not get out the ticker-tape just yet Len Brown.
Its a long season, and I'll keep my flag up for now. I'm still wearing the shirt and can do so for the next week. After that, it is up to the team again, but as a fan I have "played my part".
I stuck with them while they were losing, and now it brings a smile to my face to say we managed a win.
But only a little smile.

Still a few games to go this season, so we'll need to look at it game by game.
It's nice to say "we won" of course. Today, people might ask and I'll cherish answering "yep, we won" The team will feel better for it, the region might feel better but NZ Rugby is doing well without The Blues so we mustn't make too much of it. A losing streak is harder to break than a winning one - if your hot, you control your own destiny, but losers have to play harder and its a harder test for teams and fans alike. Good result, but just good guys.
Not great really. Its a 6/10 and a hope for an improvement over the next few rounds, but finals aren't a reality anymore sorry.

Let's look at gaining some credibility back, and maybe we can have a few more wins. And winning away from 'The Fortress' is more difficult for this than ever. Win away, and I'll begin to crow a little louder.
Up on the Hibiscus Coast, we're happy. Harbour fans are happier, Blues fans are relieved and NZ rugby fans will be happy for us too. Maybe they'll stop the text and messages on social media (but they more than likely won't)
Just need to get another win, and another, and not fall back into old habits.
Stand together and as the twitter handle goes #strengthinnumbers

Cheers - long suffering Blues fan.
But a happier one today :D

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