Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rugby Grassroots - Silverdale SeaHawks J5 grade

Courtesy of Trudi Nelson, Auckland.

The New Zealand junior rugger season kicked off today around the country. Winter for many mums and dads means Saturday mornings on the sidelines in their gummies, not a lazy lie in or brekkie in bed.
North of Auckland in a not so sleepy Silverdale, the local rugby club has an open day for all aged players with sausage sizzle and fun rides to kick off the 2015 rugby season.

In the J5 grade (8-10 year olds depending on weight) "Silverdale Gold played Silverdale Black". It was a close game of grassroots rugby with lots of head gear worn, cries of 'summer body' tears and loads of enthusiasm from the children, as much as the supportive parents. At this age they are now permitted to fend opponents, include lineouts and kick-offs to restart play. It's rough-tough grassroots play for 8 year olds.
Gold took the game out 5 tries to 3, but fun was had by all.

And parents will be back again next weekend, in their gummies and their beanies, cheering on the kids in J5.
Lie-in .... well, there's always next summer.

Story courtesy of Trudi Nelson.
Silverdale Rugby Club, Silverdale, Auckland

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